Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Update on Chicago Cathedral Fire

~from College News. Grrrr on the spelling errors....alter? sacristy?
Though the Cathedral’s roof will definitely have to be re-built, other areas of the church, including the sanctuary. Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford remarked to the Trib that while the floor of the sanctuary had flooded with several inches of water, the actual alter (sic) experienced no damage at all.

Another Church official said that holy sacristy (sic) [Ed. the writer meant the Blessed Sacrament] at the cathedral was removed. It was also reported that the rectory, which contained marriage and birth records from the 1800s, had been evacuated, but also saw no damage from the fire.
Blessed Sacrament was saved and the organ is safe via Twitter reports.


DimBulb said...

You forgot this one: Here’s hoping that future fires are as efficiently prevented from spreading as this one has.

None of this is as bad as what Thomas F. Bertonneau, a professor of literature at SUNY-Oswego has experienced. One student of his on a final exam consistently referred to The Bronze Age" as the "Labronze Age." Bertonneau writes:

A related example is the phrase “the Labronze age,” which one student repeatedly substituted for the actual phrase, “the Bronze Age,” in an essay. This at first baffled me. Then my wife suggested that it referred to a currently famous basketball player, the currency of whose name overwhelmed the student’s visual impression of the historical term in its correct form.

Argent said...

Depressing, Dim.

Much like Odyssus Augustine, who at one time was reared as a saint in Hippo, is tempted by pretty women as well as by a pear tree. But later he loses his self-control problem and converts into a Christian.

David said...

Can they keep the red hats up there while they re-do the roof? I believe that once they come down they can't go back up.