Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

~by Eric Wilson in the DC Catholic Examiner, here's an excerpt
We support you, we appreciate your efforts in bringing about unity, and we hope you won't be phased by those who are angry at you. Who are we?

We're the millions of faithful Catholics who fill the pews at Mass every Saturday evening and Sunday morning. We're the Catholic families who send our children to parochial schools, who follow the Church's teaching on contraception, and who continue to support the Church financially during this difficult time.

We're the young people who give up promising secular careers to enter a life of service to our Holy Mother Church. We're the sinners who go to the confessionals seeking God's forgiveness. We're the Church Militant who seek the prayers of our brothers and sisters in the Church Triumphant. Most importantly, we are the people who pray for you, our Holy Father, every day.

The enemies of the Church, both within and without, don't speak for us. We embrace a return to Tradition. We want to be part of a counter-cultural movement that affirms life and love in a world set on death and utility. We welcome a return to Catholic culture and identity. We appreciate the "hermeneutic of continuity."

While others hurl insults at you because you challenge them, we will cling to our lifeboat, the unsinkable Bark of Peter and continue to pray for your health and ministry.

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