Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On Hans Kung's ObamaPope dream

...Carl Olson of Ignatius Insight says this:
It's simply impossible to spoof or satirize the inanities that come forth from Hans Küng. He is living proof that intellectual brilliance (yes, the man has a thick CV and is very learned) does not equal wisdom and certainly does not insure humble loyalty to the Church and her teachings. I dare say (okay, it's not very daring) that "humility" is not a word that hangs out, let alone associates, with Küng.

Other qualities lacking in Küng's various public utterances are originality and creativity; in direct contrast to Pope Benedict XVI, who he continually insults, he might just be the most clichéd Stuck-In-The-Mythical-Sixties-Forever "thinker" around.

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DimBulb said...

It occurs to me that I could establish an entire blog category on ol' Hans; I'd call it "Kung Fool Fighting." Until I find the motivation I'm content with stuff like this: