Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Closed-door meeting

~via AP, the meeting with Pelosi was closed door.

No photo op. Good.


Jean de B. said...

Can you imagine the firestorm that would result if he refused her communion and/or openly chastised her in some way and it got out? Bring it on.

Argent said...

The pressure is on her Bishop to act like a true shepherd and say the hard thing. Her soul is at stake. All this pussyfooting around, being pastoral business, is harmful for the state of her immortal soul...not to mention all the little ones whose lives are fodder for her political power.

Dan Hunter said...

Well, We shall see if Mrs Pelosi's Bishop is truly Catholic if Mrs Pelosi continues to support baby murder and attempts to recieve the Blessed Sacrament in Washington DC and San Francisco.

This will be the proof, and the world will hear about it when she is denied Communion if she does not publically repudiate her scandalous and diabolical stance.
What a firestorm.
Bring it on.

Please Bishop Neiderauer and Bishop Wuerl, the Holy Father has repudiated her.
Now it is your job to deny her Christ in the Sacraments if she persists.