Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Candlemas Missa Cantata

I meant to take more pictures than I was able to of last night's Candlemas. Though the whole celebration was two hours long, the time went by quickly due to all the details that needed my attention. Missa Cantata requires a good deal of concentration, watching Father's back and catching all the little clues as to what happens next. We had a guest schola, Schola Vox Clara directed by Dr. Patricia Warren. It would not have looked good for the parish Music Director to be neglecting our guests.

The above picture is of Father reading the prayers of Blessing of the Candles prior to distribution of candles. Here's a brief sound clip of the schola chanting Arcadelt's Ave Maria. I forgot to turn the recorder on at the beginning of the motet. Click on the link and your default media player will play the sound clip.

Ave Maria by Arcadelt


Patricia Cecilia said...

We certainly were NOT neglected, I can assure you! It was a great blessing to us to come and celebrate Candlemas with the people of OLPH--thank you for the invitation, for giving us the opportunity to share in that special feast day, and for the meal and fellowship afterward. And thank you for posting the clip!

Pax Domini, Patricia (director of Schola Vox Clara)

Mark in Spokane said...

Nice photos. Here in Spokane my wife and I went to the noon Novus Ordo Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes. Very simple Mass, no choir or anything, but beautiful nonetheless. The priest was assisted by a deacon, and all was done with the noble simplicity that is the ordinary form of the Roman rite at its best. The sermon wasn't the best I'd ever heard, but the Mass was said reverently and with dignity. A very nice celebration of Candlemas.

And after the Mass was over, the congregation knelt and prayed the St. Michael the Archangel prayer!

Argent said...

Patricia, wasn't that fun trying to chant and walk at the same time? Some angels were working hard lest our foot be dashed against a stone.

Mark, I like that: noble simplicity.