Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Poignant Moment

Today in our parish, we signed the postcards protesting FOCA. Our clergy gave impassioned pleas after Holy Communion for us to sign them in defense of the defenseless little ones. It was good to see the majority of our parish sign the cards. For the recessional hymn, I had chosen "O Christ the Great Foundation", a reworking of "The Church's One Foundation" by Timothy T'ingfang Lew. Our priests stayed in the sanctuary so that we sang all the verses which were quite appropriate for what we are facing.
1. O Christ, the great foundation
On which your people stand
To preach Your true salvation
In every age and land:
Pour out Your Holy Spirit
To make us strong and pure,
To keep the faith unbroken
As long as worlds endure.

2. Baptized in one confession,
One church in all the earth,
We bear our Lord's impression,
The sign of second birth:
One holy people gathered
In love beyond our own,
By grace we were invited,
By grace we make You known.

3. Where tyrants' hold is tightened,
Where strong devour the weak,
Where innocents are frightened,
The righteous fear to speak,
There let Your church awaking
Attack the powers of sin
And, all their ramparts breaking,
With You the victory win.

4. This is the moment glorious
When He who once was dead
Shall lead His church victorious,
Their champion and their head.
The Lord of all creation
His heavenly kingdom brings,
The final consummation,
The glory of all things.
The third verse brought tears to my eyes. The congregation sang with much conviction today for which I am grateful.


Patricia Tryon said...

Timothy T'ingfang Lew was a Protestant Christian from China. These words were, I think, were written in the mid-20th century. I think he knew whereof he wrote.

Argent said...

I dare say he did. The Suffering Church in China pierces my heart.