Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maybe not

...NC Register reports that a Vatican official denies rumors of creation of TAC personal prelature.


Anonymous said...

The Holy Father has the final say so in this.

Mark in Spokane said...

I hope that Benedict is willing to think outside the box regarding the TAC. To worry about the ecumenical status quo re: the Anglicans is a mistake, I think. When a group of our separated brethren come forward and say, "we accept the Catholic faith, and we want corporate reunion with Rome," it is worth taking the steps to ensure that such a reunion takes place, so long as the integrity and fullness of the Catholic faith is preserved.

Plus, this has the possibility of enriching the Roman rite with the wisdom of the Catholic wing of the Anglican movement. There is tremendous beauty and power in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. Even Newman, after his conversion, retained elements of Anglican devotion in his personal prayer life (he prayed Lancelot Andrewes' devotional exercises every day, for example).