Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living both calendars

I have increasingly become uncomfortable trying to live both the Old Calendar and the New Calendar.

Today's feast in the New Calendar is the Memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Doctor of the Church. The traditional calendar celebrates this feast on March 7th. Today's saint in the Roman Martyrology is St. Peter Nolasco, confessor, "who founded the Order of Our Lady of Ransom for the redemption of captives". Today is also the feast of St. Amadeus, bishop of Lausanne (AD 1159), did you know that?

Here's my dilemma. I am very much attached to the usus antiquior, but have to live and work within the New Calendar. It's like being bi-ritual.


Dan Hunter said...

It does seem to be schizophrenic.

In the Benedictine Monastic Diurnale, January 28th is the Feast of St Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, Confessor and Doctor.

Let us pray that the Church consolidates Her calendar in unity, one day.

Isnt one Saint precious enough for one day, as opposed to splitting up the day for several?

Adrienne said...

I like to put a positive spin on the whole mess by celebrating both feasts. I figure St. Thomas would actually like to have two days of the year in which he was remembered.
It would be like us getting to have two birthday parties.

And I think all these saints are big enough to share their days.

Our prayers are still 100% for each saint. Praying for or with more than one saint does not mean one saint is getting less attention. If that were true we could not pray for more than one person on any given day.

Argent said...

I asked Fr Z and he said that we can celebrate both feast days.

As far as the saints sharing a feast day, they would be the first to give glory to God and point to the source of their light and sanctification.

It's so awe-inspiring to read through the Roman Martyrology and realize the saints whom God makes in all ages and times.

Dan Hunter said...

I suppose what it comes down to, as I see it, whatever thats worth, is again unity.

The Church needs unity in everything, especially in this day and age of ad libbed liturgy and catechesis.
The world absolutely needs to see our unity.
It does not seem an integral whole unit when the Church now has two calendars, two forms of the Roman Rite.
Of course, intrinsically both Calendars and both forms of Mass are equal in the eyes of the Church. We have the Holy Fathers word on this.
But extrinsically there is an almost night and day difference in the way that the two forms of Mass are offered.
Again, we need unity, to show unity.
The world needs us Latin Rite Catholics to show them that we believe the same and we WORSHIP THE SAME.
Is it then no surprise that before the Mass was changed and before the calendar was reorganized, the Church displayed an universal unity and dignity, but since, there has been an extrinsic dis-integration of the Catholic identity.

We need One form of Mass and one calendar again.
There is always room to add the newer canonized saints like St Pio,
St Gianna, etc, but let us all follow that same calendar!

Mark in Spokane said...

I think that the differences in the form of the Mass is a good thing -- I like attending both the Novus Ordo and the traditional Latin Mass. I don't think a diversity of forms is a problem within the Roman rite.

But I do think that the lack of a consistent lectionary and calendar is a problem. The Church should definitely work towards an integrated lectionary and calendar so Catholics are on the same page, so to speak, regardless of what form of the Mass they are celebrating.