Monday, January 19, 2009


....I understand bread and milk and ice cream being the things that are hot sellers here in the South for snow days. But toilet paper?!?


DimBulb said...

Ice cream for a snow day? I gave up trying to figure out you southerners the first and only time I ate okra. (For the record though, I do enjoy most traditional rebel cuisine:)

I've never seen a southern cookbook list tp as an ingredient, but I suppose if you were to boil it it would have about the same slimy consistence as boiled okra.

Argent said...

Have you tried fried okra? And okra is great in gumbo. tp comment was a non sequitur, wasn't it?

What can I say but my brain is frozen.

DimBulb said...

non sequitur

I wasn't trying to make a point, just a joke.

Argent said...

I laughed, don't worry!

I've eaten haggis so there's an element of wariness when it comes to certain, do you really know what goes into gumbo.