Saturday, January 17, 2009

FOCA postcard campaign

Postcard campaign begins this weekend in our diocese. My family and I are involved in getting the postcards signed at the churches in our deanery. We got funding for the mailing from our local Knights of Columbus councils. Deo gratias! When the postcard campaign comes to your parish, please take a moment to sign them. Do yourself a favor and find out the names of your representatives, both your senators and your representative. You'll have to fill in their names. If you would like to assist in defraying the cost of mailing, bring the 27 cent stamps with you to stick on the cards. It's a small price to pay for helping out. That's less than a Starbuck's cup of coffee. Find out who's coordinating the effort at your parish and see what help they might need. We got the materials this past week and are scrambling to get the pieces in place for a successful campaign.

Fight FOCA!!! For the Little Ones who are martyred daily and who will lose their lives today. Saturdays are usually busy at abortuaries.

Life! It's a precious gift.

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