Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feast of St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

"I have run to the fragrance of your myrrh, O Christ God, for you have wounded me by your love. Do not banish me, Heavenly Bridegroom."
~from the Commemoration of Women Martyrs

As noble among Martyrs with the dye of your blood you made for yourself a garment of salvation, O all-praised, and radiant by the Spirit you were betrothed to the immortal King, who keeps you as a most fair and spotless virgin unblemished, uncorrupt to age on age in heavenly bridal chambers.

Acquainted with tortures, close neighbour to fire, steadfast under the rending of the flesh, nobly enduring the boiling of cauldrons, you were not worsted by thoughts, you did not sacrifice to wooden idols; but bowing your neck to God, by the punishment of the sword, bearing the wreath of victory you mounted to the heights.

Resplendent with the splendours of virginity, all-praised Martyr, you blazed in the struggles of martyrdom, for you were not persuaded to worship idols, but endured the unjust slaughter, made scarlet by your own blood; and now, wearing the garland of victory, you stand before God, the Master, made radiant by the brightness that floods from him.
~Prosomia, from Office of Woman Martyr

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