Monday, January 19, 2009


My backyard this morning....weatherman is calling for accumulated snow tonight and tomorrow. Woooo! A snowday for us (this is the South, please remember. Everything stops when one snowflake drops from the sky). Okay, off to the market to get bread and milk and cat litter. I hear that's good for traction, no?


DimBulb said...

A lot of people up here carry bags of sand or rock salt in their trunks for added weight, and to spread around their wheels should they become stuck.

We are well above our average for snowfall, and it's been really frigid. Last Thursday they were predicting minus 26 degrees, but it only got down to minus 13 (Fahrenheit). Today were having an Indian Summer (25 degrees). You can go to my site and access photos of me at the beach.

Argent said...

BRRRRRRRRRRR......25 degrees is cold.