Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh, I can't wait for my holy hour this afternoon in Adoration. What a blessing it is to have the Adoration Chapel where I can fall on my face and acknowledge that I am creature in the presence of the Almighty King.

How good it is to be in that place where I am confronted by my Lord's humility in allowing himself to be exposed in the form of a white disk of unleavened bread.

How freeing to breathe the air of the mercy of God. How much my soul needs to take up the yoke of Christ, to learn of his simplicity, to quieten my frenzied and stormy spirit.

And what a privilege to bring to God's throne the many and divers petitions from friends and family.

How long has it been since you've gone to Eucharistic Adoration?


Mark in Spokane said...

Far too long, I'm afraid. I used to go every now and again when I was younger, but for the last several years I have gotten away from it. Thanks for the reminder about how important, and wonderful, the devotion of adoration is.

CUAguy said...

um, for me, last week :)going again tomorrow too

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Every Tuesday at 6 p.m. couldn't live without it.

Argent said...

Holy Hour yesterday was beautiful as always. The late afternoon sun was shining through the windows. It was warm in the chapel. I felt a little bit like the disciple John laying his head on Christ's shoulder. Contemplation was on contrition, perfect and imperfect. And prayer for Reparation for Priests. See Father Mark's article here.

Nancy said...

Noon on Saturdays for me.

I started during Advent and after a few weeks decided to sign up to extend my slot another hour. For me anyway, an hour of contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament went by so fast and it was a shame to leave just when my soul was really warmed up. Even two hours of adoring Jesus doesn't seem very long. Next to Holy Mass this is the best part of my week, without question.

Argent said...

Yesterday, I was able to sub for a friend who had an emergency. I was the only one in the whole building for one blessed hour. It was so quiet I could hear my heartbeat. The time flew.