Tuesday, January 06, 2009

40 Days for Life Spring Campaign

...is just a few weeks away. Is God leading your community to participate? Click here to view the application process. I can tell you that our little parish has been transformed by stepping out in faith and sponsoring one of the venues. That meant we had the responsibility of filling in the slots.

Won't you consider? Pray, talk to your pastor, talk to your fellow parishioners. If you don't think that your parish is ready, consider sponsoring a day. Contact your nearest campaign venue and sign up for one day. Consider taking your youth to pray.

I can tell you from experience that having young people there praying the Rosary is a powerful visual message. You might never have the opportunity to cross the divide and speak directly to those considering abortions. But your presence there speaks volumes. The peaceful protest through the reciting of the Rosary brings about changes-of-heart that you may never see. However, this doesn't stop us from doing what we know is right. Have I personally saved any babies by my praying at an abortuary? I don't know the answer to that. It's not my place to answer that, and in a sense that frees me to focus my energies on praying and fasting for the sake of the lives of the unborn.

If God wills that someday my actions directly effect the saving of a little one, what an honor that would be. I constantly ask if I have done everything that I possibly can to bring about the end of this horrific nightmare called abortion. It is a scary thing at first to consider being out in front and exposing myself to ridicule and derision from the pro-death crowd. The cries of "Get your rosary off my ovary!" can pierce your heart. Just think of the little ones who have no voice...truly the least of Jesus' brethren.

In this season of Epiphany--a season that reminds us of God's humility in lowering himself to become a Babe for our salvation--won't you consider being actively involved in bringing an end to this silent holocaust? Rise above the cacophany of debates and endless, oftentimes fruitless discussions. Do something. Prayer at an abortuary is a big something.

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