Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time compresses

...when it's December. Especially if you're a church musician. And too, if you teach at your parish school and it's time for putting on the annual Christmas play. This year, we decided to separate the little ones from the upper and middle grades. So I'm responsible for putting on two productions.

This year, I decided to adapt some of the medieval mystery plays. Yes, Towneley, Chester, York....the lot. There is nothing sweeter than hearing little first and second graders saying:
Hail, Mary, and well you be
The Lord of hosts is with Thee
Hail, woman to God most dear
Have no fear..
A child of might you shall bear
Jesus, God's son, you shall him call
And he will be Ruler over all.
And having a second grader with a beard on declare:
You know how it all befell
Where Adam was doomed to hell
Therefore God will stir and raise
A prophet in the latter days
To free all from the curse
The evil fiend disperse
One of the teachers pulled vocabulary words out of the script and had her class do story boards. "Hearken" was one of the words and the students all drew huge ears.

How fares your Advent?

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