Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gaudete Sunday

Gaudete in Domino semper: iterum dico gaudete. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.

Today, we are at midpoint in Advent and our readings help us to rejoice with expectant hope at Our Lord's coming for our salvation. The vestments are rose, not pink. For an explanation of the color, please read Fr. Z's article here.

Music for the Ordinary Form of the Mass

Processional hymn: Prepare the Way, O Zion
Introit: from the Anglican Use Gradual
Kyrie: chant
Collect: recto tono
Responsory Psalm: from Chabanel Psalms
Alleluia and Verse: Chant Mode VI
Offertory Hymn: When the King Shall Come Again (Gaudeamus pariter)
Sanctus and Benedictus: chant
Memorial Acclamation: "Dying you destroyed our death...", recto tono
Great Amen: chant
Agnus Dei: chant
Communion Hymns: O Jesus, We Adore Thee (Fulda melody); O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts (Wareham)...This is the fourth Sunday in a row that we've sung this and the congregation is still pretending it doesn't know this hymn. The text is Jesu, dulcedo cordium attributed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Are they holding out for "Gifts of Finest Wheat" perhaps? Maybe, "One Bread, One Body"....sorry, no dice.
Post-communion prayer: recto tono
Recessional Hymn: Come, O Long-Expected Jesus (sigh, "thou" is just too hard for us modern people....never mind that the school children's Advent booklet retains "thou" and "thy" of Friday, they hadn't burst into flames for singing the words.)

Music for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Low Mass)

Processional Hymn: When the King Shall Come Again
Offertory: Rorate coeli
Communion: Verbum supernum prodiens
Recessional Hymn: People, Look East (Besancon)

Next week, we'll finally sing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" since the Great "O" Antiphons begin on the Octave before Christmas. I'd been rehearsing the choir on how to chant the vernacular and breaking them of the habit of singing the hymn in the plodding tempo that we all grew up with. I remind them that it's chant and therefore the flow of the text moves the tune.

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