Monday, November 03, 2008

Silent Holocaust

I've added a new item on my sidebar, a counter of how many babies will be aborted worldwide since opening this web page. In the United States, it's around 3,600 babies a day. Where are all the other babies being torn apart from limb to limb? Mostly in developing countries. Read for yourself here.

It's a staggering number...yet, I grieve whenever I hear a person say that there are "other issues" in this election. As if stacking all the other issues on one side of the scale would outweigh this one issue. What kind of people are we that would work ourselves into thinking that our economic well-being is more important? How cynical is that?

There is no openness for dialogue as the conversation quickly turns emotion-driven. And then the old tactic comes to play early on: Don't judge.

Ah, but you see, each time an abortion is performed, a judgment is made. And those who support that decision or the system that supports such a decision have also made a judgment: a whole class of humans are expendable. Not just a little expendable, but a violent, gruesome "procedure" that had it been performed on a born child would produce an outcry.

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