Monday, November 10, 2008

Fight FOCA

For those of you Catholics who voted for Obama believing that either 1) his economic policies would improve the lot of women therefore would eventually curb abortions; or 2) there are larger issues out there than abortion (as in Life is trumped by, I dunno, economics? health care? geopolitics?)

I speak to the Doug Kmiecs of this world. I dare you to start fighting FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act). I want to see you publicly fight FOCA, which President-elect Obama has promised to sign with celerity as his first great act in the office. Now, today, would be a good day to do that. Never too early, I say.

Because, for all your posturing about "change", the possibility of a pro-abort Catholic-in-name-only Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary for Health and Human Services doesn't inspire confidence. And Rahm Emmanuel's signaling that embryonic stem cell research ban will be overturned, as well as the Mexico City Policy....well, how is that leading to less abortions, exactly?

I don't know what kind of mental gymnastics you did by creating this fairytale scenario in your minds that there would be less abortions under the most pro-abort (that's baby-killing) candidate ever to run for President. But it's time for you to show how this candidate for change will accomplish reduction in abortions. The rumblings are not encouraging.

Please sign the Fight FOCA letter here.

Hat tip to Danny

And for those invincibly unconvinced of ending abortion...think that the worldwide daily statistic of 120,000 aborted babies is the entire population of my county. Everyday, an entire county wiped out. Yearly, that would add up to the populations of nine Southern states. Gone, wiped out.

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