Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold pews

~Are you in need of some pews? An Episcopalian church has some for sale. The largesse is due to an interior, erm, redecorating in order to make the nave more "inviting".

They failed to sell on Craigslist for $300 apiece. Maybe you can bargain them down.
"When people visited before, it seemed like a museum," said the Rev. Gawain de Leeuw, rector of St. Bart's for five years. "The church seemed empty. Each person could have had their own pew. Changing our sanctuary space immediately changed the way people feel in the church. It's an important start."

...De Leeuw said he believes that a welcoming and energetic church could draw a few thousand people looking for an open-minded, tolerant form of Christian worship. His goal, however, is 600 families
So, if you're an "open-minded" kinda person and looking for a more "tolerant form of Christian worship" (read: sin? what's that? redemption? how quaint!), there's a church for you!


frival said...

Let's not forget there are many in the Church who would do that here as well. The best excuse they can provide is "but there aren't any pews in the great Cathedrals in Europe". Yes, and if your church is several hundred years old you may have a point...

Anonymous said...

I am interested in buying some pews.
Do you have the link to the community that is selling those pews, perchance?
Thank you and God bless you.

Argent said...

St Bartholomew's
82 Prospect St
White Plains, NY 10606-3499
(914) 949-5577
(914) 949-5530 Fax

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I'd love it if some of our Catholic churches that are renovating after wreckovating would buy these!

Argent said...

Speaking of renovations, I've seen some of those restoration/renovation projects featured on TNLM and WDTPRS. The Seton Hall Chapel is gorgeous.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Can you say "deck chairs on the Titanic" boys and girls? I knew you could.