Monday, November 10, 2008

Battles on the Horizon

Our pastor asked all pro-lifers in our parish to a meeting last night. He wanted to encourage us in the looming battles ahead. For those of us who prayed earnestly for the elections, the results were like a kick in the gut....Disheartened, depressed, and fighting disillusionment... He wanted to rally us and to help us look ahead in preparation to the coming hardships for the movement.

One thing he said last night was, "It is not an inevitability that FOCA will pass or that the Mexico City policy will be repealed."

All my instincts lead me to believe that they are a done deal. Nothing in what I have read and apprehended about our newly-elected leaders leads me to believe otherwise, which oftentimes leads me to the most glorious rants you can imagine.

So Father's words last night caused me to think through another sleepless night. "It is not an inevitability...." What does he mean?

For those of us who are already active in the pro-life cause, it means an even greater commitment to the cause of Life. That eventually leads to some self-righteous ticking off of things that I already do. And then I realize that there is room for more, not necessarily doing more, but a giving of self completely to the Lord of Life.

A few weeks before the election, a friend and I were talking about what more we could do to promote the culture of life. She brought up the point that we each need to pursue holiness in a more fervent way, to be completely surrendered to God's will.

So I'm struck once more by how much I withhold from God....little areas here and there where I block God's grace from being poured into my life. I really do assert my autonomy in a thousand ways.

I don't have the answers as to how my becoming more holy can lead to the crumbling of the evils of abortion. Then I remember Blessed Mother Teresa's words: I do not pray for success, only faithfulness....

Ah, faith, one of the theological virtues....a permanent habit, a freely-given gift. Faithfulness in my own little path to heaven. Lots to wrestle with this week.

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