Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rallying the Poncho Ladies?

~from The Wall Street Journal. Were you scandalized by what Fr. Hesburgh said in such a casual way? I'm just now catching up on the news and there is nothing that gets me in a caffeine-like psychosis than the subject of the women and Holy Orders. This from the former president of Notre Dame University Read:
Is the lack of leadership why the Church ended up in the priests' scandal?

Father Hesburgh: Everything is part of an organic whole, and the scandal is one aspect. I wouldn't want to be personally buffaloed about whether there was a scandal, because there is no question there was. The answer is to find a different caliber of training and of selection and of inspiration of young men going into priesthood. And I think, more and more, women have to be involved in this, and I suspect that in the long run, married people are going to be a lot more involved in this whole problem than we have today.

It has to evolve over time. I have no problem with females or married people as priests, but I realize that the majority of the leadership in the Church would. But what's important is that people get the sacraments.
You have to remember, there were married priests, even married popes, in the first 1,000 years of the church.
*slaps forehead* He has no problem but the majority of the leadership does. Well, they're just positively medieval, eh? The question beforehand was about whether the Church had any leaders at present like Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Father Drinan. Fr. Hesburgh said:
I think somehow, either in the educational system for clergy or in the kind of people we attract to the clergy, we are going to have to take a very close look at that, because whatever we're doing, let's say it's not working...The number of Catholic clergymen is going down, and the same is probably true of many other churches. It's one of the key problems that exists in our country, and we ought to find a way of getting at that problem.

The Catholic Church, like any other human organization, depends on leadership, and leadership depends on performance. If you look for leaders in a given group and you don't find them, something is wrong.
Performance? Where's the Holy Spirit here, prayers for vocations, holy priests, virtues, discipline? Oh, I forgot, that's the old ecclesiology. I'm sure Sister Joan is just crowing.

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Anonymous said...

"...The number of Catholic clergymen is going down,"

Not in the traditionalist orders such as the FSSP and the ICKSP, etc.
Hmmm.. I wonder what direction the Church will take as far liturgy and leadership goes?