Monday, October 13, 2008

Father Hip

Yesterday, we had a visiting priest whom I shall dub Father "Good-morning-VietNam!- How-many-here-want-to-get-to-heaven-raise-your-hand!!". Hoot, hoot, hoot. "What, those of you who didn't raise your hands, are you waiting for a better offer?" After a five-minute monologue, Father Hip decided to finally begin Mass, "In the name of the Father...."

Father "It's all about me" went on and on in his homily, "Work with me here, people." And wow, look at the time! So consecration was rushed. But by golly, everyone thought the homily was funny (a regular laugh-in, yuk, yuk) and the normally well-disciplined congregation filed out of church with hardly a genuflection and noise level to rival Walmart on a Friday night after payday.

During the postlude, I pushed the crescendo pedal waaaaay up to drown out the noise. Did people get it? No, they merely talked even louder.

My normally tranquil weekends were spent in the near occasion of sin, thinking evil thoughts and indulging in a bit of mimicking of Father Hip.

Amazing how one "with-it" priest can undo so much of the work of reverence during Mass as this priest did. When our pastor returns from pilgrimage, I will tell him that he's not allowed to be away any more.

That's confessional time for me when he returns.


DimBulb said...

Our recessional hymn yesterday: They 'll know we are Christians by our ad pop musick.

Argent said..., indeed.

This song always bring to mind that song "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters..." How does one hammer out love?

DimBulb said...

My theory of liturgy is quite simple: If it sounds like it could be part of the Easy Rider soundtrack, it's not appropriate for Mass.

frival said...

Ah, I see you met one of the visiting priests at my parish. Everything you say he does every time. Right down to rushing through the consecration so he can have time for his non-directional homilies and his wise-cracking. Yeah, he's funny. If you're in college.

Unfortunately he's rubbed off on our choir director who keeps digging deeper into the Haugen/Haas dreck. There are days when I come out of Mass wanting to cry because of the abuses both liturgical and musical.

I could go on, but this isn't my combox and that'd be rude. Suffice it to say after being to a few Missa Cantatas and then watching this I have a whole new level of appreciation for those who had to deal for so many years with the liturgical insanity. There are days I truly feel like I've lost my liturgical home.

A Simple Sinner said...

Where I sometimes have to attend vigil Mass (it is my option of last resort) the noise immediately after the last warbling note of the poorly written folk hym is sounded is just deafening. I have been in high school gyms where folks are quieter.

I don't get the disconnect.