Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wasting Time

...today is the designated time-waster day. Occasionally, especially after weeks of relentless work (working until past midnight every night after working 12-hour workdays, qualifies, no?) it's good to do something that qualifies as nothing particularly productive.

....for example, spending the day catching up with Facebook friends...and creating fluff like Flair buttons:

A dear friend lovingly called me a Eucharistic Procession junkie. I'll accept that.

From the monstrance on display at Sant'Andrea in Amalfi, Italy. Why is it behind glass?

I promised a friend that I'd create a new header for his new 'blog digs. So maybe today won't be such a time waster after all.

1 comment:

frival said...

Argent, you're a gem. I love the Flair - the ones you sent me on Facebook really brightened up an otherwise drearily busy day.