Monday, August 25, 2008

Coming Out of the Desert

I started this past weekend as the new organist/music director for my parish. What did I observe from the choir loft?

The Vigil Mass congregation, though the least attended, sang the loudest and with greatest conviction and gusto. The Early Morning Mass gave the Vigil Mass a good run for the gold. I thought they would blast me out of the loft. Which pleased me immensely as I had spilled my coffee on the way to church and arrived grumpy. The "principal Mass" or the one most heavily attended was the one that sang the least.

Something to ponder about.

I was grateful for friends' support and encouragement and also for the faithful cantors who are easy and genial.

I've inherited an office with many musical relics....folk mass hymnals, a few Glory and Praise, would the word hymnal apply to G & P? And my goodness, a plethora of Mass settings post 1970! In yellowing, acid-laced paper. Yes, there is a place for biology to proceed in its usual pace.


TerryC said...

Of course Glory & Praise hymnals can be classified as hymnals. And the are quite appropriate for glory & praise, an activity which takes place outside the liturgy. We use them at both adult and teen activities. In a parish with a vibrant Christ centered life there should be plenty of non-liturgical opportunities to use all kinds of Christian music.

Brian Michael Page said...

Way to go Arge! Best of luck!
Glory and Praise - are they biodegradable?


Owen said...

I am jealous. At least you have a Mass that's not a mess. ;-) Good to read your voice again on the blog. God bless you in your new ministry.

frival said...

Good to see you back again, Argent. Congratulations on your new position - may you be an instrument of true renewal for your parish and all around. Should we start ordering you copies of the Parish Book of Chant?

DimBulb said...

A few weeks ago I was edging the lawns of my parish church and decided to stop for lunch at a roach coach set up on main street. As I sat eating my hot chicken wing sandwich, a man came up to me and asked if I would take part in a ten question survey. Turns out he was pimping for a brand new church(?) which had taken over a building that had once housed a roller-skating rink. The main selling point of this new church(?)? It is "youth oriented" and has "a great band."


No doubt what attracted the pastor(?) to the building was its loud, built-in sound system and multiple disco balls.

I passed by there after Mass last Sunday. Guess what was playing? Yup! "Glory and Praise."

Fortunately, my parish got rid of the Glory and Praise books several years ago in a trade with the Lutherans. They got our ho-humnals and we got their copying machine.

Rob said...

So, are you back, Argent?

Mark in Spokane said...

Thanks for the post and for your wonderful blog. I've given you an award over at my blog. Feel free to stop by and see. God bless!