Sunday, August 31, 2008

Angelus: Enter into the Mystery of the Cross

From today's Angelus by Pope Benedict XVI at Castel Gandolfo:
In today’s Gospel, Jesus reveals to his disciples his coming passion, death and resurrection. He also teaches us that, to follow him, we too must enter into the mystery of the cross. Faithful obedience to God and loving service of our neighbour do not always come easily. But to embrace the cross of Christ is to share in his victory.

May the Lord keep us in his love! I wish you all a pleasant stay in Castel Gandolfo and Rome, and a blessed Sunday!

Miserere mihi, Domine

Introit for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, from the usus antiquior.
Miserere mihi, Domine, quoniam ad te clamavi tota die: quia tu, Domine, suavis ac mitis es, et copiosus in misericordia omnibus invocantibus te. Ps. Inclina, Domine, aurem tuam mihi, et exaudi me: quoniam inops, et pauper sum ego.

Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I have cried to Thee all the day; for Thou, O Lord, art sweet and mild, and plenteous in mercy to all that call upon Thee. Ps. Incline Thine ear to me, O Lord, and hear me; for I am need and poor.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Coming Out of the Desert

I started this past weekend as the new organist/music director for my parish. What did I observe from the choir loft?

The Vigil Mass congregation, though the least attended, sang the loudest and with greatest conviction and gusto. The Early Morning Mass gave the Vigil Mass a good run for the gold. I thought they would blast me out of the loft. Which pleased me immensely as I had spilled my coffee on the way to church and arrived grumpy. The "principal Mass" or the one most heavily attended was the one that sang the least.

Something to ponder about.

I was grateful for friends' support and encouragement and also for the faithful cantors who are easy and genial.

I've inherited an office with many musical relics....folk mass hymnals, a few Glory and Praise, would the word hymnal apply to G & P? And my goodness, a plethora of Mass settings post 1970! In yellowing, acid-laced paper. Yes, there is a place for biology to proceed in its usual pace.