Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Light Blogging

A few days ago, I spent time with my Spiritual Director discussing a whole range of personal topics and eventually, the subject of blogging came up. He asked me if I would consider entering into a blogging desert of sorts. Ever since that day, I have been thinking a great deal about blogging and the motivations for persisting in this pastime. I have also thought about the discipline of the desert fathers who fasted from the world's amusements to contemplate the greatness of God...to detach themselves from the reliance on feeding the appetite for self, to deny the impulses of vain occupation.

So, with the heat of the summer bearing down upon us, I will extend this metaphor to the spiritual sense of going into the desert. To refrain from the busy and oftentimes noxious world of blogging where one's responses border on the braggadocio because of the anonymity that the cyberworld offers. There is a momentary thrill in rattling one's sabre against the perceived enemy. And surfing from one site to another and gathering confreres who think alike may create this sense of a crusade. There is the vain sense of having this online persona that people talk about. Oh, did you read what So-and-So wrote today at (fill in the blank) 'blog?

Meanwhile, the words of St. Jerome's prayer haunt me daily:
O Lord Jesus Christ, as I rise in the morning, be attentive unto me and govern mine actions and my words and my thoughts, that I may pass the whole day within Thy will. Grant me Thy fear, O Lord, compunction of heart, lowliness of mind, a pure conscience, that I may scorn the world, ponder heaven, hate sins, and love righteousness. Take from my heart the cares of the world...Guard my mouth, Lord, that I may not speak vanities, nor tell worldly tales nor detract others in their absence...that I may not answer cursing with cursing, but rather with blessing. O Lord, let Thy praise be continually in my mouth...
I have been asked to pray for so many things and so many people which I have found 'blogging to be a stumbling block in being a friend in crisis. Those of you who know me can contact me through Facebook. For now, Argent is going to take the cue of all proper Romans and leave the heat behind and head for the hills. May you have a safe summer and may God richly bless and make holy your chronos time. Encounter Him in kairos.


DimBulb said...

It's like a friend I see every day has just told me she's moving out of the country.

Rob said...

Bye! Pray for all of us, and come back someday.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

LOL! That's why I'm on blog hiatus too. See you on 'book! Oh, wait, I already do! :-)