Tuesday, July 01, 2008


...for being scarce here today and the past few days. There are some projects that I am helping with, such as this, and have needed to focus to get them finished.

One project that I've mulled about for awhile is a Music for Low Mass planning site that I've finally put into place at Facebook. I've invited some musician friends to help with it. High Mass is really so much easier to plan for than Low Mass. Rubrics for Low Mass are spelled out here. So within this framework, the weekly planning can become overwhelming if you're new to this.

I have been grateful for the Cantica Nova site that I used extensively when I was planning music for a Novus Ordo Parish. The Liturgy.com site made me react in an antipathetic way. But unfortunately, the parish where I was helping with music planning, was an exclusively OCP/GIA church. Occasionally, my music choices escaped the censorship. It was always fascinating how many compliments we got from the congregation when those traditional hymns were sung.

Anyway, I don't know if this project will get off the ground or not. I have to try, and at least, it will help focus my practice time.

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