Monday, June 09, 2008

What's new at Sancta Missa least to me. Last fall, when our altar servers were learning how to serve the traditional Mass, was our constant companion. It helped acquaint the young men to Latin pronunciation and the rubrics of the Mass with which they have become quite proficient. Now that our parish celebrates the usus antiquior on a regular basis, I've not had time to visit the site. So here are some notable additions, to me anyway.

Here are the notes on The Liturgical Year, which is from the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. Lots of very useful information for anyone assisting in the traditional Mass. (As an aside, when I first saw the title "The Liturgical Year" my heart went thumping and thought it might be Dom Gueranger's opus.) There's a great section on Indulgences.

How wonderful is this: The Spirituality of the Liturgical Year. For example, this coming Sunday is the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost and the theme is: Means of Preventing Anger. Who couldn't use an exhortation like that? Part II is called "Instruction on the Veneration and Invocation of Saints". Upcoming is "Feast of Saints Peter and Paul".

In the future, look for the Temporal Cycle (Sundays of the Year) and the Sanctoral Cycle (Saints).

Restoring Beauty in Liturgy, written by Fr. Scott Haynes, SJC. Here's an excerpt:
In order celebrate the Sacred Liturgy with due reverence and beauty, the Church must be able to “distinguish between the sacred and the profane.” When false types of “inculturation” pollute liturgical worship we must be mindful that “all is not valid; all is not licit; all is not good.” The secular, the cheap, the inferior and the inartistic “are not meant to cross the threshold of God’s temple.”

In order to “restore the sacred” we must, first and foremost, contemplate the beauty of Christ in the Sacred Liturgy – “a sacred action surpassing all others.” This begins with external fidelity to the rubrics, but leads to internal union with Christ, for “those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” The spiritual beauty of the Sacred Liturgy transforms the lives of Catholics. Indeed, “the encounter with the beautiful can become the wound of the arrow that strikes the heart and in this way opens our eyes.” This spiritual beauty forms the Christ-like heart in moral beauty. And when the spiritual beauty of the Sacred Liturgy has transformed a soul, man can then create things of beauty, such as art, architecture, poetry, and music.
Never underestimate the power of beauty in the call to conversion. It's not just in the eye of the beholder as I hear too often.

The English site is here.

The French site is here.

Look for other languages to be added including Polish, Russian, Italian, and of course, Latin.

Meanwhile, if you're in the Chicago area August 25-29, 20008, make plans to attend the Workshop for Laity. Download the poster. Hint, hint, that's around my birthday. If anyone wants to send me there for my birthday present, I would happily go. *GRIN*

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