Sunday, June 22, 2008

Statio Orbis Mass

Click here for the live stream.

Beautiful chant. Singing Christus Vincit.

UPDATE: 11:20 EDT....a quick shot of Pope Benedict in Rome watching while seated on his throne. By the by, the descant for Lauda anima is just stunning, sung by a massive children's choir in albs.

The organ sounds great....I wonder who the maker is. The organist has done a wonderful job.

Chanting the In nomine.

The Gloria was solemn and now we're standing for the Gospel. Deacon chanting. Papa standing in Roma.

Next Eucharistic Congress will be in Dublin in 2012.

*oh, Fr. PF, can we stay at the monastery?*

Credo from Missa de angelis. Raining now.

The Holy Father referred to families as "primordial cradle for vocations."

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