Friday, June 06, 2008

School of Intervals

...hat tip to Aristotle, The Recovering Choir Director. Jeff Ostrowski, who gave us the Chabanel Psalm Project (which, by the way, now has mp3 files for each cool is that? Thanks, Jeff!), has delivered on yet another excellent idea, the Lalemant Polyphonic School of Intervals. From the website, we have this introduction:
Why do I need to know my intervals?

Intervals are the fabric of music. They are the building blocks of music. They are the ABCs of music. A musician cannot live without them.
Oh, yes, an invaluable skill to have in singing in a choir or schola. Can't wait for the intriguing expansion pack. Check out the links on the main page.


Unique Gowns said...

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Brian Michael Page said...

That's an excellent resource, especially for the beginning church musician.
BMP (who learned intervals in the first year of high school music theory)