Monday, June 09, 2008

Positive fruits of excommunication reconciliation with the Church. Here is an excommunicated board member of the St. Louis congregation who sought reconciliation with Archbishop Burke and was promptly received back into the fold. From CWN
Just three weeks after the Vatican upheld the decision by St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke to excommunicate them, the directors of a schismatic parish have voted to dissolve their board.

Meanwhile one of the eight lay board members disciplined by Archbishop Burke has met with the archbishop, professed his loyalty, and been restored to full communion with the Church....

...Archbishop Burke, who has corresponded personally with each of the lay board members, said that he was "profoundly happy" to welcome Florek back into full communion, and issued a new invitation for the other board members to take the same step.
The Archbishop has been accused of wanting to seize the parish funds. But if you read the communications that are on the archdiocesan website, you can see that Abp. Burke sought to structure the parish in accord with the rest of the parishes in the archdiocese. The St. Stanislaus Kostka parish, if you will remember, hired Fr. Marek Bozek on its own initiative without the Bishop, after Fr. Bozek was suspended by his own bishop. You would think that this would raise bright red flags in the board's mind. Anyway, here's hoping that the rest of the board will think of the good of their souls.

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