Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Overriding the Vatican

~Toni Tortorilla (at first glance, I thought it was tortilla), one of the women who have deluded themselves into thinking that they are priests said that the Holy Spirit's call is very strong overriding even the Vatican's determination to exclude women from the priesthood. Got that? From Oregon Live
Background: In July 2007, Toni Tortorilla of Portland became -- in the eyes of many -- Oregon's first woman Roman Catholic priest. In a ceremony not recognized by the official church, she was ordained by a woman bishop active in Roman Catholic Womenpriests. The ceremony was in front of 200 friends and supporters in a Gresham United Church of Christ.

...A spokeswoman for Roman Catholic Womenpriests said the international group rejects the excommunication penalty, arguing that they are "loyal members of the church" disobeying an unjust law.

The organization says its first American woman bishop, Dana Reynolds, was ordained in Germany on April 9, and recognizes eight new women priests so far this year.

What's next: Tortorilla, who works as a counselor and spiritual director, ministers to about 90 people in Portland and in Eugene who call themselves the Sophia Christi Catholic Community. They meet monthly in borrowed sanctuaries.

"I believe in the supremacy of conscience, and my conscience has led me all along to be an ordained Roman Catholic priest," Tortorilla said last week. She, too, rejects the excommunication decree and says she will continue to serve her growing community. Archaeological and historical evidence, she says, supports the view that women have been priests and bishops in the Catholic Church.

"The Holy Spirit's call to be a priest is very strong and very persistent," she said. "It supercedes [sic] the Vatican's determination not to ordain women."
Sophia Christi...


Adoro te Devote said...

Insanity. Insanity. And no surprise from that bunch....they really are just like Martin Luther. And look at how much damage HE did!

Rejecting excommunication is so ridiculous it's beyond words. It would be like me saying that demand to be admitted to the Marines because I've decided I'm a Marine, and trained and learned some things, but learned them incorrectly. And of course, didn't go through the proper channels and can't enter a specialized unit anyway. So the Marines rejects me as a Marine. I can't then suddenly go to the news and claim that I'm a Marine anyway! It doesn't work...the organization in charge gets to make the rules.

God made the rules. We don't get to change them.

Why is logic so hard for these people?

DimBulb said...

I wonder if these people can explain the difference between a "Good" conscience and a "Right" one? Are they even aware of the difference?

Argent said...

Whatever the conscience says RULES! Who cares if it's well-formed or not.

The fact that they're skulking about in borrowed churches is like borrowing glory from the age of martyrs. Delusions.

Argent said...

Dear Adoro,

You found yourself! ;)

And you're not a Marine.

And I'm not the Queen of England, however fervently I might feel that I should be.

Adoro te Devote said...

NO, no no...I lost my MIND! I called information and she said it was behind the couch. So I checked...and THERE IT WAS!

But apparently I lost my health at that point...I thing both are mostly back now...relatively...lol

Argent said...

Dear Adoro,

Food poisoning is rough! I'm glad you're feeling better. About finding your mind behind the couch...LOL!

Looking behind one's couch is a very brave thing to do... you never know what lurks behind.