Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, for cryin' out loud

...are we sick and tired of being told by our betters how stupid we are? So we don't know the word "ineffable", huh? Mayhap, you could teach us, Your Excellency. It is your job, forsooth. Something about "to teach, sanctify, and govern"? Sayeth Bishop Donald Trautman who smileth most avuncularly at this site (okay, cheap shot, but so's being called John and Mary Catholic):
Trautman said the draft includes words such as "ineffable" that would not be in the ordinary vocabulary of people.

"This should be the prayer of the people," Trautman said. "I'm not for having street language. ... We should certainly have elevated tone, but words like that are just beyond the common comprehension."...

...It's "not in my daily language," said Shirley Skiba, a member of St. Luke Catholic Church in Erie.
Boo-freaking-hoo. Look it up. So, it's not in your daily language. We are talking worship of the All-Holy...mystery immense as the sea.

Fr. Z has a better fisk.

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Rob said...

-It's "not in my daily language-

Neither is hypostasis or homoousion. Let's throw those out, too, eh?