Monday, June 09, 2008

Life post-Summorum Pontificum

Heard in the narthex after Mass:

A visitor: Who's the schola? Where are they from?

Me: They live with me.

Visitor (eyes widening): Oh?

Me: They're my sons.

Visitor: They sang very well.

Me: Thank you. Join us!

Visitor: Oh, I sing in a schola in school. We're called Schola Peregrinus.

Me (laughing): The Wanderers!

Visitor: Yes, precisely, we sing at different parishes.

Me (looking at sons and at pastor standing by door, still in fiddleback chasuble and biretta hat): What should we call our schola?

Pastor: Schola Antiqua?


DimBulb said...

Excuse me while I show off my three hours of intensive Latin studies: how about calling yourselves Schola Cantorum Contra Turpis Carmen?

How about Scholatta Lovin' Goin' On? That should appeal to the Haugen-Haas crowd.

Edmund C. said...

I still like "the Neumatics"