Monday, June 09, 2008

Life post-Summorum Pontificum, part three

The Art of Neumatics

In our living room around the piano learning Jesu, Dulcis Memoria

Son #2 (shaking head in frustration): I can't read this!
with great emphasis while stabbing modern notation with forefinger

Son #1: Just learn the tune and it's the same for all the verses. It's not that hard.

Son #3: *smirk*

Son #2: I want neumes, gimme neumes. Neumes, glorious neumes.

Son #3: *smirk*

Son #1: Sigh!

Me (stomps off and rifles through cyberfiles. Finding desired file, runs off a few copies and returns to living room waving sheets): Ah, ha! It's your lucky day. Neumes!

Son #2: Ahhhhhh!

Me: You guys are weird.

In-house schola returns to chant rehearsal and sings flawlessly.


Aristotle said...

Sound's like #2 is a prime candidate for a Graduale Triplex - more neumes than one could ever ask for...well, almost.

Argent said...

His half-year birthday is coming. That would be an ideal present! Thanks for the idea.