Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is this tired or what?

~from The Times of purported hidden figures in the Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes.
The artist, argued Gonzalez, had secretly arranged the figures of the resurrected into the distinctive profile of the Florentine author of The Divine Comedy, a hidden tribute to the writer whose great poem Michelangelo so admired he had learnt great tracts of it by heart.

As a devout Catholic, Gonzalez was troubled by his discovery. How could the artist give such prominence to anyone other than Christ in his depiction of the final reckoning? After scrutinising the painting for weeks, he found the answer: concealed in The Last Judgement was not just a portrait of Dante, but a giant depiction of Jesus as well. Gonzalez had missed it for nearly a month, but now he could see the contours of this huge image clearly. The spaces between the figures in the fresco formed the unmistakable outline of the saviour on the cross.

Gonzalez described his findings in a book published in Italy in 1951. It is now out of print, and his ideas have barely merited a footnote in the annals of art history. But the notion that Michelangelo placed hidden images in the Sistine Chapel is beginning to take hold.
In the "Faith" section of The Times. Pardon me while I...


DimBulb said...

Someday I'm going to write a novel about the discovery of a real reporter at the Times. I love sci-fi.

Maybe I'll write a novel about a Times reporter who is conflicted within himself. Sometimes he's motivated by honesty and integrity; sometimes he just wants to maintain the status quo of his profession. The plot will reach its climax when he discovers the reason for his inner conflict-he's the illegitimate son of Ernie Pyle and Tokyo Rose.

Argent said...

The title would be: A Trampled Pyle of Roses