Thursday, June 19, 2008


Do you know that shag carpeting is back in style? I went to our nearest Lowe's and lo, and behold, there were these sample squares. I had to rub my eyes because the big sample they had was in avocado green. This sample is called "Southern Lights". Why do I feel just a bit insulted by that name? And good heavens! The adjectives being used to describe this latest fashion statement say "sophisticated" and "creative". Please, may I remind you of the interior desecrations that our tender childhood memories are made of:

Image from James Lilek's Interior Desecrations

Funny, that's the era of burlap and felt banners! And before anyone posts to me about how burlap and felt banners were just a myth in Sunday School (hey, I was Protestant back then), I uncovered some in my attic that we had kept in all our moves. (Why in the world we hold on to these execrable bits of memorabilia I have no clue.)


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Oh, my eyes!

The house I grew up in had, I kid you not, orange shag carpeting in one room. We even had the shag rake to comb it with. Ah, the good old days!

Argent said...

Ours was avocado green shag in the living room and in the basement it was caramel shag. It was my job to rake the carpet a couple of times a week. Just imagine telling your grandchildren,"Why when I was your age, I was raking our carpet".

Oh, and in the kitchen we had coppertone appliances. Yes, the good old days!