Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fast becoming abortion capital of Europe

~from CWN on abortion statistics in Britain.
In what is fast becoming known as the “abortion capital of the Europe,” Britain saw the number of abortions performed on girls under 14 rise by 21%, the American Life League (ALL) reports.

The British government is considering legislation to increase the availability of contraceptives and sex education to solve the problem. Yet ALL leaders see those policies as certain to produce still more abortions.

Abortion in the United Kingdom is at a record high, reaching more than 200,000 preborn children killed in 2007, according to statistics released this week by the UK Department of Health. Abortion has been legal in the country since 1969.

...Most disturbing among the findings is the increase in abortions performed on girls 14 and younger from 163 in 2007 to 135 in 2006. Parliament’s response to what UK’s Guardian calls the failure of government sexual-health strategies is more contraception, suggested mandatory sex-education in the elementary schools and easier access to abortion.“Today's data suggests the government's contraception and sexual health strategies are failing,” admits the Guardian.

The statistics have been made public just a month after Parliament rejected a motion to lower the time limit on abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. “The insanity that says easier access to sex education and contraception will somehow reduce the number of abortions is based on a lie. It is in fact a recipe for disaster that will result in tragic loss of life for preborn children and agonizing regret and depression for young people,” Brown [Judie Brown, president of ALL] said. “The United States should see a grisly vision of its future if we continue along the same deadly path as England.”
We are on that deadly path. One million aborted babies per year kind of deadly path.

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