Monday, June 23, 2008

Christus factus est

Obedience...I was thinking a great deal about this discipline, about how easy it is to slip into self-righteous indignation and react without thinking. And because we feel every ounce of that indignation, we are blinded to act in outrage. Then when someone points out our error, if we aren't sufficiently grounded in prayer, we whine to that person about our injuries and try to draw them into our own miseries.

As I begin a new week, this antiphon, though it belongs to Holy Thursday, is a necessary antidote and a reminder of that perfect obedience set before me, Christ who was obedient unto death.

Christus factus est pro nobis obediens usque ad mortem, mortem autem crucis. V. Propter quod et Deus exaltavit illum et dedit illi nomen, quod est super omne nomen.

Here is the plainchant setting sung by the Westminster Abbey Choir.

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