Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cardinal Martino on the Irish No to Lisbon Treaty

~from CWN, here's Cardinal Renato Martino to the Irish:
Cardinal Renato Martino, the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, suggested that the people of Ireland should reconsider their referendum vote against the Lisbon Treaty, according to Mexico’s El Provenir newspaper.

“Europe cannot only be an economic community,” Cardinal Martino said. “With this constitution [the Lisbon Treaty] it wants something more.”

El Provenir interpreted the Italian prelate’s words as a statement of support for the Lisbon Treaty, and criticism of the Irish people for what he saw as a denial of their common European experience.
Dear Cardinal, you said, "With this constitution the Lisbon Treaty wants something more." Precisely...that is why the Irish voted No. Get it?

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Donal said...

A Europe built on Lisbon would be a house built on sand! The Stone rejected by the architects of Lisbon has brought about its downfall. God must be at the Heart of any government for Europe which goes beyond economic cooperation between sovereign states. The people of Ireland were asked to swap their own constitution, which has Jesus Christ at its centre, for a pathetic and ambiguous reference to religious values. This, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the rest of the deliberately vague Treaty of Lisbon could be interepreted in a profoundly unchristian way by an all powerful, unelected European Court of Justice, which already has a disastrous track record.