Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anglicans, again

...speaking of 'women's ordination', here's a gushing press report on another Anglican bishopess consecration. Headline: Anglicans give thanks for she who overcame (eek, grammar check). The caption under the photo says this: Hallelujah: The new Bishop Darling is congratulated outside St Paul's Cathedral after her consecration yesterday. (It might be worthwhile to read Leo XIII's Apostolicae Curae)
FOR the 1400 Anglicans crammed into St Paul's Cathedral yesterday, many of whom had fought for women's ordination for decades, this was the day the Lord had made — and they rejoiced and were glad in it.

As Melbourne's Archbishop Philip Freier presented newly consecrated Bishop Barbara Darling to the congregation, there was wild applause, topped by triumphant ululations by the Sudanese choir from her Dandenong church.

Bishop Darling, one of the pioneers of women's ministry in Australia, had just become Melbourne's first woman bishop, Australia's second (by nine days), and only the 24th woman Anglican bishop in history.
Triumphant ululations? ROFLOL!!!! At the bottom of the story we get this...*cough*
Catholics and Anglicans believe their bishops follow in direct succession from the first apostles 2000 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Dan Hunter says,
From His Holiness Pope Leo XIII encyclical:"Apostolicae Curae"
Article 36:
"Wherefore, strictly adhering, in this matter, to the decrees of the pontiffs, our predeccessors, and confirming them most fully, and as it were, renewing them by our authority, of our own initiative and certain knowledge, we pronounce and declare that ordinations carried out according to the Anglican rite have been, and are, absolutely null and utterly void."

Given at Rome, at St Peters, in the year of the Incarnation of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety six, on the Ides of September in the nineteenth year of our pontificate.

God bless.

JP said...

Its amazing, yet not surprising, how downhill the Anglican Church has gone in the past few years alone.