Monday, May 12, 2008

Those women pretending

...a demonstration of what happens when one is unmoored from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. I finally watched that video of the Call to Action liturgical service with the Mass-ive Heads. One of the related videos was this of one of the Poncho LadiesTM simulating some kind of liturgy for another CTA group (it's no wonder these people have been excommunicated by Bishop Bruskewitz in the Diocese of Lincoln).

Instead of "The Lord be with you" (can't have a hierarchical church now, can we?) we have, "God be with us"..."In the name of the Creator, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit." Dear, dear Bridget (priestess in this video whom we've featured before), this is not the Trinitarian formula which the Christ revealed to the Church. You've put yourself outside of the True Church.

Oh, BTW, the reason why it took me awhile to watch the Mass-ive heads video is that the CTA website went down, Catholic bloggers linking must have exceeded bandwidth. Fr. Richsteig had a link to the You Tube version which led to the above video--a stomach-churning "overweening and preening display" (apologies to Fr. Neuhaus) of dissent. Please read again Abp. Burke's application of canon law on some of these women simulating the sacraments via Ed Peter.

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Dr Bill Campagna said...

I wanted to watch this travesty, but I have reached for masochism quotient for today. (By the way, as much as I respect Abp. Burke & Bp.Bruskewicz for their orthodoxy, each demonstrates the pastoral sensitivity of a damp cappa magna.)