Sunday, May 25, 2008


~So, did you hear the Sequence today at Mass? Here 'tis!

We were at a little country church in the middle of a cornfield. I didn't expect much, but liturgy was celebrated reverently and the homily was centered on the Institution of the Eucharist. No, there was no Sequence...when the OCP Music Issue is what's in the pews, chances are very high that the Sequence is omitted (call me biased, but personal experience bears it out)....though I checked the missalette and the instructions specified an English vernacular setting of the Sequence to be found in p. 214 to my best recollection.


Brian Michael Page said...

No sequence where I filled in either. Here's the list I was stuck with. Get your barf bag out before reading it.


frival said...

*sigh* No Sequence for us either. I was hoping we'd at least get the English Sequence (Latin has just about no prayer at this time, sadly) that was in the Missal. I can't be sure that was originally planned though, since we had a visiting priest as our Pastor was away. My son was even asking "what's the 'Sequence'" when he saw it in his Magnifikid. Some day ... some day.