Thursday, May 22, 2008

Return of the Easter Island figures

...accompanied by a menagerie. From the infamous St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis (hat tip, I think, to Fr. Finigan). I think we can safely say that this is a glaring example of the rupture in the hermeneutic of continuity. Oh, by the way, it's Palm Sunday that they're, erm, celebrating. Don't watch until you've put down any beverage that you might be drinking.


DimBulb said...

Well, I got through three and a half minutes of it, then the second song started and I had a decision to make: stop watching, or kill my self in the most disgusting way possible.

I chose life via the exit button

DimBulb said...

I must say though, that it was really nice seeing all the six year olds participating. That is surely fitting, since they were obviously the ones who orchestrated the whole affair. (The cartoon quality of the music makes that evident).

Argent said...

LOL, Dim!

If you had persevered to the end (difficult...I could only watch in snatches), there was a giant Ringwraith while someone opened the piano lid and strummed the piano strings. Eeeeeeerie. Is that whole parish on crack?