Monday, May 05, 2008

Pergolesi Salve Regina

~More music this Monday! Here is Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's (1710-1736) Salve Regina sung by counter-tenor Gérard Lesne.


Tom in Vegas said...

I love Pergolesi's Salve Regina. Truly a “classical” sounding piece in every since of the word.

I think some people who are not used to listening to this music will have some difficulty accepting the fact that the lead vocals in this piece are by a man.

Argent said...

I love listening to counter-tenors. But why do you think that people would have difficulty listening to a counter-tenor? Is it that they're not used to hearing them? I'm such a choir geek that maybe I'm out of touch with what non-choir people think.

Tom in Vegas said...

I was specifically referring to people who are not well knowledge in the components of a choir, or who are not used to listening to choral pieces that may fall outside the repertoire they are accustomed to listening to. Countertenors, for those who haven't even heard of the term, might be perceived as having a voice much too feminine for an adult male. This supposed incongruity might repel those with an undeveloped ear.

It’s a conclusion, I think, only a neophyte can formulate.

This "unmanly" connotation of countertenors is not my perception, however. I spent almost eight years singing tenor in a local choir and this experience introduced me not just to the sound dynamics of a choir, but to beautiful choral pieces of many different styles.