Wednesday, May 21, 2008


~Since Ryan's death on Saturday, I've been experiencing insomnia. It's very odd, since I didn't even know Ryan. Being at the convention during the crisis connected me to him in some way. Also, trying to console my friend who tried to revive him, speaking with her and consoling her through the early morning hours made Ryan real for me. The Bishop's words of consolation at Mass and his homily on Trinity Sunday to the young people called to mind the utter gift that is life and how thoughtless we are in living it. The Office of the Dead has been a great source of consolation and has grounded me in that eternal hope that is ours through Christ.

Today, Ryan will be buried after his funeral Mass. Please remember his grieving family.

Oh, and seeing the wreck on Monday has exacerbated my sleeplessness and at present, I'm experiencing wooliness in thinking and an uncharacteristic inertia.


DimBulb said...

As you know I have many of the same problems. I've found that keeping the room(s) you're in dimly lit a few hours before bed helps. Getting and staying away from the computer a few hours before bed also helps(that's a tough rule for me to live by). A brisk walk or bike ride several hours before bed can help as well. Also, soaking in a warm tub shortly before going to bed helps.

Argent said...

Thanks, Dim. I was expecting you to say something here. The insomnia is surprising. But given the health scare we had with one of our children this year, Ryan's death hit me in, that could've been my son.

Avoiding computers at night is hard because I get a lot of my thinking and writing done when the house is quiet at night. I'll try the other recommendations that you gave though. Medication is not even a consideration...blech! Someone suggested wine, but I'm highly allergic to wine, so that's out. I think this might be one of those "have to live through" periods. Maybe this is an opportunity for more prayer time, goodness knows, there are plenty of items on the prayer list here...time to learn apophatic prayer, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Argent,
Have you ever tried Melatonin?
Its safe and natural and you can get it at any GNC or pharmacy.

I have used it many times and it puts me right to sleep.

May our Blessed Mother shelter you in her mantle.
God bless you

A Simple Sinner said...

Melatonin (an OTC suppliment) and a glass of red wine.

You will thank me for it in the morning.