Monday, May 12, 2008

Home again

...oldest child is home from university. We hauled his things from his dorm room, a single, that is half the size of our living on Saturday. Why then does my living room look like a flea market? How did he manage to fit all this stuff into such a tiny space? To be fair, we had to ride in the Suburban yesterday to church so everything was hastily stored in the living room. But I want my ordered life back! Funny how one more child back home can wreak havoc quickly. Humph!

*room above is not my living room, though it bears a striking resemblance*


DimBulb said...

But I want my ordered life back!

At the risk of sounding like my mom: Wouldn't that entail dumping all the children (and hubby) on the doorstep of a convent?

Argent said...

Hey, now, that's an idea. Except I'd like to be the one dumped on the convent doorsteps.

Anonymous said...

Three Laws of College Moving:
1) All stuff takes up twice as much space when dismantled from the dorm room as it did before.
2) Especially if stuff is moved more than once; e.g. from dorm to car and from car to house.
3) Dorm storage is a beautiful thing.

This is one reason why I'm glad my school has been 2000 miles from home -- I've had to keep myself very consolidated! All school stuff remained in Minnesota for six years, and now is being largely Gotten Rid Of. (AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGH! NOT THE LATIN DICTIONARY!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO! and other such cries of anguish are ensuing.)

Argent said...

Noooo, not the Lewis and Short?? You were pretty handy wielding that like a club in Rome.

Anonymous said...

Never fear; the Lewis and Short is safely on its way to my parents' house. It's the Cassells which we must worry about. *sniff*