Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Australian Bishopess

And now, the Australian Anglicans have consecrated their first bishopess. Hey, Ma, look, one handed Elevation! And huge host, too.

But why are they wearing copes during Consecration?


Anonymous said...

Sorry my friend BUT 1. This woman is not a bishop in line of succession to the apostles. Henry VIII stopped that when he set up his little sect which is now totally schismatic; and 2. She did not consecrate anything. Besides the anglicans dont believe in transubstantiation and the real presence, so let's get that right. This is a total sham and only adds to the horrendous scandal the anglicans give worldwide. Sanctus.

Argent said...

Yes, I know it's a scam. It's one of the major reasons why we left the Anglican church. I try to peek in once in awhile to check on the degeneration of that denomination. It's interesting how branches cut off from the True Trunk eventually wither and die.

Cody... said...

Don't worry. If that one hand fails to steady that big wafer and it falls on the ground, it's still only bread.