Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fiery car crash

~Last night, on my way home from the presentation by Prof. Stroik, traffic was stopped for an hour on the highway. I was a mere quarter mile from the multi-car crash.

While waiting, I kept thinking of the fractions of time that detained me...the pause for prayer before the Blessed Mother imploring her intercessions for safe travel...bidding farewell to friends...the dropped cough drop on the car floor...driving more slowly along the winding country lane. All enough time to keep me safe. The ambulances driving off without sirens and lights was a chilling sight and finally being allowed through, I saw the pancaked cars. Horrible, horrible. Dear Lord, please have mercy on the souls lost last night, and comfort the grieving families.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Argent, you're having quite the week over there. God bless you; you're in my prayers!

Argent said...

I'm in a daze, really. So I appreciate your prayers. Ryan's Funeral Mass is tomorrow afternoon.

And as for the accident, it's one more in the long line of God's Providence in my life and today, I am most humbled.

Jeff said...

God be praised! So glad you are safe. And for the victims:

Perducant angeli et martyres vos in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem.

I read about the death of this young Saudi blogger who I know not at all and I wept and wept for her:



May God bring all of us to Kingdom Come.