Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Evening with Duncan Stroik

Fr. Philip Tighe, pastor of St. Catherine of Siena, Wake Forest, NC invited Prof. Duncan Stroik to speak to his parish. The church is undergoing tremendous growth and the time has come to build a new church building. Prof. Stroik spoke on the sacred nature of church buildings and the character of the building flows out of the altar upon which Christ is priest, victim, and altar. The altar is the reason for the church's being, therefore, the design must be worthy of Christ. The baldacchino is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, the veil upon the altar, and the dome above represents heaven. The sanctuary represents the Holy of Holies and must continue to reflect the sacramental nature of the altar.

These are just some quick notes on last night's talk. I'm attempting to decipher my hastily written notes and will try to post something more worthy of Prof. Stroik's marvelous presentation.

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